Meet Farmacopia Farms

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Meet Farmacopia Farms

What do you get when you mix a lifetime of farming, decades of traveling the globe, a keenness for agricultural investment, a love of food, and a desire to give back?

An exhilarating, ecologically conscious, farm-to-shelf food and nutrition experience we call Farmacopia Farms.

Arriving on the scene at a time when consumers are demanding to know:

  • where their food is sourced,
  • the chemicals used to grow it, and
  • the ingredients added between the farm and the grocery store shelf

Farmacopia Farms rises to the challenge.

Founded as a vertically integrated farming and food company, we are dedicated to growing, processing, and marketing high quality, reasonably priced crops straight from the field to the consumer, and showing others how to do the same.

Who we are

First and foremost, we are farmers. When you enjoy a Farmacopia Farms product, you can trust that it was our hands that tilled the soil and brought in the harvest. We work hard to produce nutritious and therapeutic food and other consumables, grown in balance with the earth, to feed and heal the people who live on it.

We are a fully transparent farm-to-shelf solution. That means we are in complete control of our supply chain. Third-party companies never handle the food on your plate or the products you consume.

And, in a market that is getting strapped by middlemen, we want to help other farmers return to profitability. We want to set an example based on crop selection, sustainable farming practices, and taking full ownership of the supply chain that the family farm can thrive in a challenging market.

Founder Shonda Warner

Founder, Shonda Warner.

What we believe

Farmacopia Farms represents a shared belief that ecologically thoughtful, fruitful, and responsible farming can change people’s lives in powerful, positive, and foundational ways. 

We adhere to transparent growing methods, environmentally conscious farming practices, and the most productive use of our farmlands.

We believe that nurture strengthens nature so that the best can come from the earth.

Farmacopia Farms’ philosophy is:

Grow Better, Eat Better, Live Better.


This belief means that if you take care of and give back to the land, it will give back and take care of you.

High quality, reasonable cost

With Farmacopia Farms, you will know where your food comes from and love our dedication to producing the most delicious flavors. All offered at reasonable prices.

We know that the term “healthy” usually translates to “expensive.” One of the significant problems of the American food system is that food companies seeking cost savings have produced many empty, cheap calories. This cheapening of our food supply has resulted in a growing obesity epidemic and increased chronic diseases such as diabetes. While Farmacopia Farms needs to be financially sustainable as well as environmentally sound, our goal is to grow Cadillac-quality food for sale at Chevy prices.

Our commitment

Our promise to you is to grow the healthiest, tastiest plants combining our farming skills and stewardship of Mother Earth; and to transform these plants into healthy, delicious food and other products.

And we freely share our farming practices and lab testing results, so you can be confident with what you’re putting in and on your body.

Farmacopia Farms is the cultivation of more healthful, nutritional, and renewable resources that help to feed, heal, sustain, and above all, bring incredible, vibrant, and enjoyable flavor to life – all direct from our fields to you.


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