Farming Practices

We love that more and more American consumers are reconnecting with the land and developing a renewed interest in knowing where their food comes from. Your desire to understand what you are putting into your body is something we can get behind because we believe in transparency. At Farmacopia Farms, we want you to understand the methods we use to grow the food you eat and the products you use.


The farming practices we follow at Farmacopia Farms all stem from one simple goal:

We want to ensure that in 100 years there will be water and fertility in the soil.

To achieve that goal, we don’t worry about following the latest farming trend. We don’t believe there is a single answer, cookie-cutter farming method. Instead, we pay attention to the land.

We farm row crops and permanent crops across the United States. But how we farm is always situation-specific. We adjust our approach based on the location, the type of farming, the water, and the needs of the land.

Farming Methods

We might follow several different practices to enhance the earth and the soil's productivity:

  • Intelligent fertilization
  • Leave forest or riparian zones*
  • Rotate row crops to add value to the soil
  • Planting using minimum tillage methods
  • Use cover crops
  • Water conservation
  • Use implements that minimize soil compaction

* Riparian zones are the natural boundary between the land and water. Most of the time, having plants or insects provided by natural borders is better for the field.

Use of Chemicals

Because we choose the best farming method depending on the situation and land we encounter, we don’t shy away from treating our crops with chemicals, either organic or conventional. But we are careful with how we use them.

We are a conscientious, good neighbor. We follow protocol, and we follow simple rules of farming etiquette—don’t overspray or overapply chemicals, which could affect the farm, or the crop, next door.

Because we believe in full transparency, we make our third-party testing results available.

Farmacopia Farms is unique because we plant, grow, care for, harvest, and process our crops. It’s rare for a company to handle your food from farm to neighborhood market shelf, but we are not your typical company. We are committed to the highest standard of care for the products you buy.

In addition to committing ourselves to help you live a healthy life, we do everything in our power to support our land. In 50 or 100 years, we hope to demonstrate how we have built up the soil we’ve used, rather than degrading it. We strive to leave our farms in better condition than we found them.